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Top Five Benefits of Client Gifting

No matter what industry you are in, the ability to connect with your clients and to truly nurture a mutual happy relationship is paramount to any business. Using gifting in your marketing strategy is an effective way to show your appreciation to your clients and positively impact your brand perception. 

    5 top benefit of client gifting are:

    1. Builds Strong Relationships

    Who doesn't like a gift right? Receiving a thoughtfully crafted gift makes your client feel cared for and of significance. This generous gesture of appreciation connects them with your brand and affirms that you want this to be a positive experience, and this in turn leads to customer loyalty. After all it's the strong relationship with the clients and not the transactions that would take your business a long way.


    2. Expresses Gratitude

    Sending a gift is a wonderful way of saying thank you to your clients for choosing you and also to show appreciation for the trust they have put in your business. A small tip here would be to make the gift more about them and less about you. Choose gifts that would reflect the client's likes and are meaningful to them, this will make them think about you every time they use the gift.


    3. Helps reconnect

    Sending a gesture, like a gift, is a pleasant surprise and an effective way to reconnect and refresh relationships with clients who you haven’t heard from in a long time. A gift builds curiosity for the receiver and encourages them to look further into what you are upto. A personal note, saying hope they are well and you are there to help is a great way to delight the customers and bring back business. 


    4. Develops Goodwill

    Happy customers make for happy businesses, and happy customers refer your business to other people. For your clients, gifting invokes a positive experience with you as a business which encourages them to spread a good word of mouth for you and leads to customer referrals. Sending a referral gift is a wonderful way to appreciate the clients you help you grow. 


    5. Highlights your Business

    In this competitive environment, it is most important to stand out in your client’s  mind. A properly timed gift draws attention to you and helps rise above the rest. It makes your brand more memorable and favourable and leads to brand retention. Remember, it is not what they look and hear, it's what they feel. So, it is more about the emotional connect it develops and not so much about the branding of the gifts. 

    Clients gifting doesn't have to be extravagant or cliché, it is the thought and the purpose of gratitude that matters. So, be creative and out of the norm, design a gift that feels best for your clients and your business. If you are looking for help or want to up your client gifting game do get in touch with us.

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